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LonetHost FAQ


How to long to receive my VPS details?

With all SSD KVM VPS you will receive the service details instantly after ordering and paying. Linux plans takes about 30 seconds to get online and Windows plans takes about 2 minutes.

Vmware plans need manual installation and takes usually less than 30 minutes.

Does LonetHost apply any tax or VAT?

No, we don’t apply any kind of tax. You will pay exactly what you see in the price tables.

What payment methods are accepted?

LonetHost accepts PayPal (verified), PerfectMoney, WebMoney and major coins like BitCoin (btc) and ETH for it’s services.

What if the VPS ran out of assigned traffic?

If the VPS exceeds the assigned traffic, it will be suspended and you can reactivate it by buying more bandwidth at $3 per TB. Ask the support for free upgrade in some locations.

When will I receive the next month invoice? How is the grace period?

LonetHost sends the next month invoice 10 days before the due date. The service will be suspended on the due date later and it gets terminated after 3 days.

I won't be available to renew my service, can I renew it in advance?

There are two options:

1- You can add fund to your account balance so it will be applied to your invoice automatically 10 days before the due date. Please remember if the service invoice is already issued, you have to apply your credit to your invoice manually.


2- You can request from support for the next month/period invoice in advance.

Order marked as fraud!

Our anti-fraud filter might mark some healthy orders as fraud by mistake. In such cases, please open a ticket and your order will be approved after verification.

What is LonetHost refund policy?

You can request for refund within the first 3 days of receiving your service. Dedicated server and domains are not included in this rule and refund won’t be possible.

Does LonetHost offer any affiliate program?

Sure we do! You can earn money by introducing LonetHost to others. Every time they pay, you get paid too. Contact support for more information.


What virtualization does LonetHost use?

LonetHost mainly use KVM and VMware. Ask support if you want specific virtualization in specific location.

Where are LonetHost server's located?

Currently we are hosting our servers in some of the best data centers in Australia, USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France and UK. LonetHost HQ is located in Dubai, UAE.

Can I have extra IPv4?

Every VPS can have a maximum of 5 IPv4. You can either order it directly as addon or ask the support to assist you.

Does LonetHost offer IPv6?

With every vps in Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, Switzerland and USA a /96 ipv6 will be installed for free.

Are LonetHost services DDOS protected?

LonetHost’s Canada, UK, Germany and Australia plans are DDOS protected.

What operating systems are available?

Below templates are available in KVM nodes by default, but you can provide your .iso to our support team and they will mount it to your VPS, so you can install it yourself. So almost all OS are available:


How to change the RDNS?

Open a ticket and provide the IP and the RDNS you want to be set, we will do it asap!

Is there any backup available with VPS?

LonetHost takes weekly backup from all KVM VPS and keep them for at least 2 weeks. Backup scheduler is set to start on Sundays.

Are LonetHost services managed?

No, you get administrator/root access and your services is not managed.

What is the difference between SSD and SSD-Cached server?

In SSD server all data are read or written directly on SSD drives but in SSD-Cached server data will be written on SSD drives then on HDD drives. SSD servers are the fastest solutions.

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